Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws at AJCONF 2019


“Without independent lawyers and judges, rights are meaningless” One of Britain’s most distinguished lawyers, Baroness Helena Kennedy of The Shaws, QC FRSA, Director of IBAHRI (International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute) participates in the Asma Jahangir Conference 2019 – Roadmap for Human Rights and celebrates the life and contributions of the great Asma Jahangir. She discusses a range of topics within the realm of law. From the indisputable importance of the role of women in the profession of law, preservation of human rights, freedom of speech, and the independence of the judiciary, Baroness Kennedy passionately encourages women and Pakistani youth to voice their opinions and know their rights. She goes on to urge men to be allies in this crusade against sexism, discrimination and inequality within the law profession and elsewhere.