The #FalakNoor case has left civil society disappointed with the Chief Court's verdict allowing for a minor girl to go back to her 'husband'.


*CASE UPDATE*: The Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court has directed the police to release #FalakNoor and allow her to decide whether she wants to go with her husband or parents. Noor was allegedly abducted by her neighbour. A medical board set up last week determined her age to be…

کراچی کی سیشن عدالت نے بچی کی ولدیت تسلیم کرنے سے انکار اور سابقہ بیوی پر زنا کا جھوٹا الزام لگانے پر فرید قادر نامی شخص کو 80 کوڑوں کی سزا سنادی۔ایڈیشنل ڈسٹرکٹ اینڈ سیشن جج (ملیر) شہناز بوہیو نے فرید قادر کو قذف کے جرم (نفاذ حدود) آرڈیننس 1979 کے سیکشن 7(1) کے تحت مجرم قرار دیا۔…


Breaking fast, building bridges: Students at Quaid-e-Azam University come together every #Ramadan to share #iftar meals, promoting #interfaithharmony and unity on campus.


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#NDM Chief #MohsinDawar explains that he disagreed with #ManzoorPashteen on avoiding politics altogether, as Dawar believes political parties can attain long-term objectives.

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Lamenting the loss of #LatifAfridi, who in the last years of his life tried to bring nationalist parties on one page, #MohsinDawar feels that clashing egos are thwarting their unity.

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"The higher judiciary has reached a point where they are asking for justice," #MohsinDawar says that the de jure state has collapsed.

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#MohsinDawar expresses his belief that @PTIofficial has no option but to take an anti-establishment stance because they have been completely sidelined.

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"Just days after the Fall of #Kabul, I wrote an article that in a bid to find strategic depth in #Afghanistan, we have instead given the #Taliban strategic depth in #Pakistan," NDM chief #MohsinDawar speaks on Pakistan's Afghanistan policy.

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#Sexualviolence against minors is on the uptick, the long arm of the law has actually fallen short. Why is #Pakistan continuously failing its children? This is #RightsWatch.

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What has Pakistan's policy toward #Taliban-ruled #Afghanistan wrought on its security? Can politics be free from meddling? Why are nationalist parties unwilling to coalesce?

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Court orders medical board to determine #FalakNoor's age. The situation is a throwback to other similar cases incl. #DuaZehra case where the girl was abducted but forced to claim she had married of her free will. Later a medical board declared she was #underage.

Tough issues need someone even tougher to ask the questions that matter. brings you a podcast like never before, hosted by #KP's first ever female bureau chief Farzana Ali. Tune in this Sunday to #FrontlinePakistan, featuring #NDM founding-chairman Mohsin…

The family of Bibi Humaira, who was allegedly killed by her husband and father-in-law for honour, staged a protest against alleged political meddling in the investigation of the case.

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#HonourKilling #Quetta

حال ہی میں فیصل آباد کی تحصیل تاندلیانوالہ میں بچہ سے مبینہ زیادتی کی کوشش میں گرفتار مقامی مدرسے کے معلم ابوبکر معاویہ کو بااثر افراد اور مقامی پنچایت کے ذریعے سے فریقین میں صلح کروا کر رہا کروایا گیا ۔لیکن کیا پاکستان کا قانون بچوں کے ساتھ جنسی زیادتی جیسے سنگین جرم میں فریقین…

The year 2023 stands out as the bloodiest year in recent times, with this trend continuing into 2024. The month of March, particularly during the 10-day period from March 16 to 26, has witnessed five high-profile attacks, killing at least 18 people. @a_siab…

🔴Rights Watch- #Pakistan's first bulletin for #HumanRightsViolationsand stories:

1⃣ Nineteen days after the incident, #Karachi police have yet to arrest two suspects implicated in the #rape of a mother of two. The victim reported the incident at Sharea-e-Faisal police station…

Karachi jirga prosecutes police team

A jirga, presided over by Sardar Zulifqar Ali Sarki in #Karachi, has convicted two police inspectors and their five subordinates declaring them guilty of killing a youth in a fake encounter last year. The jirga ordered them to pay a fine of…

#BREAKING: #SupremeCourt has taken suo-motu notice of the letter written by #IHC judges regarding alleged interference of intelligence agencies in the judiciary. CJP Qazi Faez Isa will head a seven-member bench comprising judges Mansoor Ali Shah, Yahya Khan Afridi, Jamal Khan…

IHC judges’ letter: One-man inquiry commission faces resistance from within

Some 300 lawyers, including ex-CJP Tassaduk Jillani's son Saqib Jillani, urge SC to address allegations of intelligence agency interference in judiciary under Article 184(3) of the constitution. In a…


Parents demand justice for alleged abduction and #forcedconversion of their underage daughter #MuskanMasih

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#AuratMarch activists rally outside #F9 Park in #Islamabad to demand justice for the recent rape incident

.@HRCP87 on Friday expressed concern over rights abuses in #GB, and demanded immediate provision of #internet services, end to 22-hour-long loadshedding, recovery and rehabilitation of #FalakNoor, and reinstitution of a hostel for differently-abled persons…

Following the recent deaths and abductions in Duki, demands for enhanced safety regulations resonate among #Balochistan's coal mining community

Friends pay tribute to columnist #IrfanHusain at the launch of his book, containing a collection of his columns, in #Lahore

#SupremeCourt issued the decision while hearing a set of intra-court appeals, challenging its unanimous ruling on October 23, which nullified the #militarytrials of civilians implicated in riots on #May9, 2023.

In #TobaTekSingh, #Punjab, brother strangled his 22-year-old sister to death, with his father and brother present. The act was captured in a video that has since gone viral

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"Closure of X contradicts the spirit of #Article19 of the Constitution, which guarantees #freedomofspeech. The necessity of using VPNs is rendering journalists' accounts vulnerable, eg my #Whatsapp account was hacked due to VPN usage" - Sheraz Ahmad Sherazi, Journalist…

International human rights watchdog #Amnesty International has given recommendations to the newly elected Government of #Pakistan to prioritize and uphold #humanrights in the country.



Spokesperson of @HRCBalochistan @AbdulahAbbass calls to end the heinous crime and to keep amplifying the voices of those families suffering from the disappearances of their loved ones. #EndEnforcedDisappearances.

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Melting Glaciers: Pakistan’s Ticking Time Bombs

Exacerbated by rising temperatures, GLOFs pose a serious threat to millions living downstream in Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as well

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