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Unchecked overdevelopment is spoiling #AyubiaNational Park's serene landscape and threatening its delicate ecological balance

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Setting a bold new agenda, continuing the legacy of #AsmaJahangir at the upcoming #AJConf2024 in #Lahore

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Exacerbated by rising temperatures, GLOFs pose a serious threat to millions living downstream in #Gilgit-#Baltistan and #KhyberPakhtunkhwa, as well as along the course of the #Indus River.

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In a new play staged by #Ajoka Theatre in #Lahore, ‘Lawrence in Lahore’, exposes TE #Lawrence’s mysterious role in the #MiddleEast post-WWI

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صحت کے حق پر 'عوامی منشور' کا اجراء

صحت کے حق کو بنیادی حق تسلیم کروانے کے لیے ایچ آر سی پی نے ایک مہم شروع کی اور اس سلسلے میں صحت کے حق پر'عوامی منشور' تیار کیا ہے۔ زویا رحمان @pind_wave کا تیار کردہ یہ منشور درج ذیل لنک پر دستیاب ہے:

منشور میں درج ذیل…

#AseefaBhuttoZardari assumes her role as a member of the #NationalAssembly, with high expectations that she will continue the democratic traditions established by her mother, #BenazirBhutto.

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توہین مذہب کے الزام میں بیہمانہ تشدد سے قتل کیے جانے والے طالب علم مشال خان کی ساتویں برسی پر والد کی قبر پر حاضری ۔ اہل خانہ سپریم کورٹ کی انصاف کی اپیل


#MashalKhan #Blasphemy

#Lahore High Court declares differing marriageable ages for girls and boys in the #ChildMarriage Restraint Act discriminatory, instructs #Punjab government to release revised version within 15 days.

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#HighCourt #Marriage

🔴Rights Watch- #Pakistan's first bulletin for #HumanRightsViolationsand stories:

Father allegedly rapes daughter

A young woman, Shabana Bhatti, filed a case against her father for attempting to #rape her sister. She filed a complaint at a police station in #Hyderabad’s

Exacerbated by rising temperatures, GLOFs pose a serious threat to millions living downstream in #Gilgit-#Baltistan and #KhyberPakhtunkhwa, as well as along the course of the #IndusRiver.

Read: https://voicepk.net/2024/04/melting-glaciers-pakistans-ticking-time-bombs/

.@UN expresses alarm at the persistent lack of protection for #Christian and #Hindu girls against #forcedconversion and marriage in #Pakistan, as stated in a statement issued last week


Recalling the lynching of Sajjad and Shama Masih over false #blasphemy allegations, Senator Khalil Tahir Sandhu expresses his belief that no religion dictates its followers to enact such brutal violence.

Full #RightsWatch broadcast: https://youtu.be/uePC3jgfFBQ

Senator Khalil Tahir Sandhu explains the impact of incidents like the #Jaranwala riots on the psyche of minority communities.

Full #RightsWatch broadcast: https://youtu.be/uePC3jgfFBQ

Even today, Pakistan's religious minorities grapple with #discrimination. Senator Khalil Tahir Sandhu describes some of the attitudes he has had to face throughout his political career.

Full #RightsWatch broadcast: https://youtu.be/uePC3jgfFBQ

Senator Khalil Tahir Sandhu explains that enhancing the severity of punishments do not yield results, rather it is the certainty of punishment that deters crime.

Full #RightsWatch broadcast: https://youtu.be/uePC3jgfFBQ

The #FalakNoor case has left civil society disappointed with the Chief Court's verdict allowing for a minor girl to go back to her 'husband'.



*CASE UPDATE*: The Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court has directed the police to release #FalakNoor and allow her to decide whether she wants to go with her husband or parents. Noor was allegedly abducted by her neighbour. A medical board set up last week determined her age to be…

کراچی کی سیشن عدالت نے بچی کی ولدیت تسلیم کرنے سے انکار اور سابقہ بیوی پر زنا کا جھوٹا الزام لگانے پر فرید قادر نامی شخص کو 80 کوڑوں کی سزا سنادی۔ایڈیشنل ڈسٹرکٹ اینڈ سیشن جج (ملیر) شہناز بوہیو نے فرید قادر کو قذف کے جرم (نفاذ حدود) آرڈیننس 1979 کے سیکشن 7(1) کے تحت مجرم قرار دیا۔…


Breaking fast, building bridges: Students at Quaid-e-Azam University come together every #Ramadan to share #iftar meals, promoting #interfaithharmony and unity on campus.

Read: https://voicepk.net/2024/04/students-of-various-faiths-hold-iftar-for-poor-muslims/

#Hindu #Christians #Muslims

#NDM Chief #MohsinDawar explains that he disagreed with #ManzoorPashteen on avoiding politics altogether, as Dawar believes political parties can attain long-term objectives.

Watch Episode 1 of Frontline Pakistan here: https://youtu.be/FWZWbjgKE3g

@farzanaalispark @mjdawar

Lamenting the loss of #LatifAfridi, who in the last years of his life tried to bring nationalist parties on one page, #MohsinDawar feels that clashing egos are thwarting their unity.

Watch Episode 1 of Frontline Pakistan here: https://youtu.be/FWZWbjgKE3g

@farzanaalispark @mjdawar

"The higher judiciary has reached a point where they are asking for justice," #MohsinDawar says that the de jure state has collapsed.

Watch Episode 1 of #FrontlinePakistan here: https://youtu.be/FWZWbjgKE3g

@farzanaalispark @mjdawar #Pakistan #SupremeCourt

#MohsinDawar expresses his belief that @PTIofficial has no option but to take an anti-establishment stance because they have been completely sidelined.

Watch Episode 1 of Frontline Pakistan here: https://youtu.be/FWZWbjgKE3g

@farzanaalispark @mjdawar #ImranKhan

"Just days after the Fall of #Kabul, I wrote an article that in a bid to find strategic depth in #Afghanistan, we have instead given the #Taliban strategic depth in #Pakistan," NDM chief #MohsinDawar speaks on Pakistan's Afghanistan policy.

Watch Episode 1 of Frontline Pakistan…

#Sexualviolence against minors is on the uptick, the long arm of the law has actually fallen short. Why is #Pakistan continuously failing its children? This is #RightsWatch.

Click to watch the complete show: https://youtu.be/4NplqBJExRs

@AyeshaRaza13 @NCRC_Pakistan @HRCP87

What has Pakistan's policy toward #Taliban-ruled #Afghanistan wrought on its security? Can politics be free from meddling? Why are nationalist parties unwilling to coalesce?

Watch #FrontlinePakistan with @farzanaalispark, featuring NDM founder @mjdawar:

Court orders medical board to determine #FalakNoor's age. The situation is a throwback to other similar cases incl. #DuaZehra case where the girl was abducted but forced to claim she had married of her free will. Later a medical board declared she was #underage.

Tough issues need someone even tougher to ask the questions that matter. http://Voicepk.net brings you a podcast like never before, hosted by #KP's first ever female bureau chief Farzana Ali. Tune in this Sunday to #FrontlinePakistan, featuring #NDM founding-chairman Mohsin…

The family of Bibi Humaira, who was allegedly killed by her husband and father-in-law for honour, staged a protest against alleged political meddling in the investigation of the case.

Read more: https://voicepk.net/2024/04/family-of-girl-killed-for-honour-allege-political-meddling-in-case/

#HonourKilling #Quetta

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