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Toiling coal miners have no safety regulations

October 20th, 2020; By Umar Bacha; SHANGLA; With the growing demand for fuel in winters, coal miners looking to make a living risk life and limb to toil in dangerous conditions, while the government turns a blind eye.

PTI’s former ‘music guru’ DJ Butt sets the mood for PDM rally amidst reports of harassment

October 18th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; From crackdowns to shop closures vendors have had to face arrests and shop closures in the past and during the current PDM Jalsa as well. Sources told that DJ Butt himself received threats from ‘agency personnel’

Nawaz Sharif Uncensored : the speech transcribed in English

October 17th, 2020; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; General Qamar Javed Bajwa, these are all your ‘gifts’. You are the root of this nation’s problems and grievances. General Qamar Javed Bajwa, you ruined our properly functioning government and laid ruin to the hopes and dreams of the nation

Lawyers insist only govt can lodge sedition cases

October 16th, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; The legal fraternity strongly disagrees with Punjab law minister Raja Basharat's statement that any citizen can file a sedition case against anyone. They say the law is clear that only federal or provincial govt can lodge such FIR.

The ‘Ticking’ bomb of internet clampdowns

October 13th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; “Blanket bans are never the solution. The government should sit down with all relevant stakeholders to chart out standard operating procedures. I am sure everyone will cooperate. Nobody supports the dissemination of immoral content,” posited viral TikTok influencer, Hareem Shah.


“خدارا میرے لاپتا بیٹے کی ایک جھلک دکھا دیں تاکہ اُس کی بیوی کو بتا سکوں کہ اسکا شوہر زندہ ہے” پشاور ہائی...

چارسدہ سے تعلق رکھنے والی حلیمہ بی بی پچھلے چار سال سے اپنے لاپتا بیٹے سہیل کی بازیابی کے لئے دربدر کی ٹھوکریں کھا رہی ہیں. ان کے بیٹے کو 2017 میں اس کے ولیمے دن نا معلوم افراد گھر سے اٹھا کر لے گئے تھے

TikToK removes 6.4m videos as Pakistan lifts ban

October 20th, 2020; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; TikTok has removed about 6.4 million videos from Pakistan in the first six months of this year as PTA lifts a ten-day ban on the platform over indecent content.

Toiling coal miners have no safety regulations

October 20th, 2020; By Umar Bacha; SHANGLA; With the growing demand for fuel in winters, coal miners looking to make a living risk life and limb to toil in dangerous conditions, while the government turns a blind eye.

Lady Health Workers conclude seven day sit-in after successful negotiations

October 20th, 2020, By Ayesha Mir; LAHORE; Braving the cold, sans any food and water, Lady Health Workers have finally ended their seven-day long protest at D-Chowk after the federal government finally capitulated to their demands.

Safdar freed on bail after arrest for desecrating Quaid’s tomb

October 19th, 2020; By Shaukat Korai; KARACHI; Karachi police raided the hotel where Safdar was staying with his wife Maryam. According to a tweet by Maryam Nawaz, police had barged into the room to arrest her husband while the couple was sleeping

Lawyers react to FIR against PML-N leader Capt (Retd.) Safdar

While commenting on the arrest of PML-N leader Capt. (Retd) Safdar senior lawyers have said that even though there is a law to protect the sanctity of the Quaid's mausoleum any FIR registered under pressure has no legal standing.

Man stabs minor daughter to death for honour in Karachi

Tooba was stabbed to death by her own father, who later told the police he did not regret murdering her for honour. 11 years ago, he had murdered his wife under the same pretext.

Mohsin Dawar conspicuous by his absence

October 16th, 2020; By Munizae Jahangir; LAHORE; In an unexpected move, Mohsin Dawar, Member National Assembly from North Waziristan Ex-Fata who has been a part of the opposition’s anti-government alliance from day one was not invited to today’s jalsa.

Even the “apolitical public” has pinned its hopes on the PDM

October 16th, 2020; BUREAU REPORT; LAHORE; But owing to skyrocketing inflation in the country, support for the anti-government rally has transcended traditional political barriers. Common people who are normally apolitical are also watching the rally carefully in the hope that the opposition’s power show can help push the government in the right direction.

Wrestling the ‘Tsunami’

Leaders of the PML-N, PPP and JUI-F are heading to Gujranwala for the biggest opposition power-show in recent history. Amidst mounting concerns of a government clampdown on political dissent, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) jalsa powers through.

COVID Watch | October 20th 2020

-Boys' highschool in Swabi sealed after the emergence of 4 COVID 19 cases -Smog may contribute to respiratory illnesses, fear of raising coronavirus fatalities -Officials report a rising number of virus patients at Nishtar hospital

COVID Watch | 19th October 2020


COVID Watch | 15th October 2020

Rights Watch | October 20th 2020

-Sisters gunned down in Charsadda after attending a wedding -Woman murdered by a brother, a man shot dead & woman injured by a gunman in separate incidents of KaroKari -Pregnant woman tortured to death by husband & in-laws over #dowry
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 19th October 2020

Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 15th October 2020


Leaders reiterate importance of people’s rights at PDM jalsa in Karachi

October 20th, 2020; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; A major theme of the PDM Jalsa in Karachi was concerning the rights of people. Voicepk has compiled some important quotes from the speeches of several leaders on October 18.

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