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In Conversation With FAFEN: Alarming Termination Of 26 Percent Women Workers

Shehzad Anwer of FAFEN shared raised these important points with voicepk.net based on the information gained through the recent survey conducted by FAFEN. “The FAFEN survey was conducted in 8 industrial districts of Pakistan ...
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 21st April 2020

Laborers Desperate for Work: Daily wage laborers in Karachi are risking unsafe travel to other cities to seek out employment due to the prevailing lockdown in Sindh drying up their means of livelihood. Due to bus and taxi services being ...
Women's Rights in Pakistan

Free to be: Do women feel safe in public spaces?

February 25, 2020 By Xari Jalil LAHORE When Sana* bought tickets for the recently held Solis Festival in Islamabad, she had no idea what she would end...
Women’s Right of Inheritance - Patriarchy Still a Hindrance

Women’s Right to Inheritance: Patriarchy still a hindrance

January 17, 2020 By Ahmed Saeed LAHORE When Rang Elahi – a landlord based in Lahore passed away in June 1990 - it was discovered that he...