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September 23, 2023

By Javid Hussain


In a momentous achievement for Pakistan’s tribal regions, Samreen Amir has made history by becoming the first woman to be appointed as a Station House Officer (SHO) in a tribal district. Her new role places her as the SHO at the Parachinar police station in the tribal Kurram District.

Parachinar has frequently made headlines due to armed conflicts and incidents related to terrorism. However, Amir, a Christian by faith with 13 years of service in the police force, is poised to bring a fresh perspective.

Speaking  to, Amir expressed her pride in her new role, emphasizing the positive impact it has had on the women of of Kurram. She said her appointment has made police stations more accessible to women, leading to an increase in their visits.

“Now, more women are coming to the police station, and we are committed to resolving their issues promptly,” she remarked.

Kurram district has a female population of over 580,000, making her role as an SHO even more significant.

Muhammad Imran, Kurram District Police Officer (DPO) said that the establishment of Parachinar’s first ever Women Police Reporting Center serves as a precursor to Amir’s groundbreaking appointment.

DPO Imran also stressed the urgent need for greater female representation within law enforcement in tribal regions.

“The Women Police Reporting Center was established a year ago, but we have now realized the importance of having a female SHO at the center so that women feel more at ease when visiting,” he said.

DPO Imran further underscored the necessity of providing more examples of women’s empowerment in tribal areas like Parachinar, with the hope that more young girls will choose careers in law enforcement.

He provided that the entirety of Kurram has only 12 female police officers, but he hopes to see more women joining the police force.

“I hope for this, and I will endeavor to induct more women into the police force so they can work toward women’s empowerment in Kurram district,” he declared.

The move has also received a warm welcome from tribal elders, who believe it will grant their women more freedom.

Rashed Khan, an elder, noted that in tribal regions, women often face difficulties voicing their concerns to male police officers. He expressed confidence that Amir’s appointment would enable women to discuss their issues without hesitation or fear.

SHO Amir encourages tribal women to consider careers in the police force, emphasizing that it would enable them to assist other women.

Reflecting on her own journey, she shared, “At first, I was also very fearful. But later I realized that this position has brought me immense prestige and honor.”


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