August 29, 2022

By Ahmed Saeed


Thousands of residents in villages in Kacha area of Rajanpur remained stranded amid floods while some of them are evacuating on their own on locally built boats which are at risk of collapse due to the overloading of belongings and people fleeing the flood-hit region.
Residents of flood-hit Chak Umrani say those have money to pay for boats are evacuating on their own to That Fathan area in Rajanpur while hundreds of others remain stranded there to bear the wrath of floodwater. “No army, police, and rescue are daring to come to Chak Umrani in the Kacha area due to fear of just four dacoits,” Nawaz, a resident of Chak Umran tells He has arrived with some other villagers on the locally-built boats to the relatively safe That Fathan area in Rajanpur.

“People who have money to pay for boats have evacuated with their families and belongings but half of the residents are still stranded there,” Nawaz adds.
Residents of Chak Bela in the Kacha area of Rajanpur have a similar tale to tell of the government’s apathy towards inhabitants of the dacoits-infested area considered a no-go zone for police and administration officials.
“No army, police, and rescue personnel have come to the rescue of thousands of villagers stranded in Chak Bela,” says Sardar Muhammad. The forty-five years old man says he has never witnessed such floods in his lifetime. “The floods have washed away cattle and thousands of acres of standing crops,” he says.
Sardar Muhammad lamented that the army and administration have yet to come to the rescue of thousands of innocent and helpless citizens stranded in numerous villages of the Kacha area. He appealed to the authorities to immediately send boats and rescue teams to evacuate people stranded there in floods.


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