July 21, 2021

By Xari Jalil


As news of the murder of Noor Mukadam, the daughter of Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea, became viral online, the nation was shocked at the brutality of the crime.

According to details the 27 year old Noor had gone to Zahir Jaffar’s home where he killed her and beheaded her. News which remains unverified at present, has it that Noor had gone to Jaffar’s house to end their relationship, after which a fight ensued. Police said she was “slaughtered” after being shot at. Another person was also injured in the incident

Jaffar is the son of a leading businessman of Pakistan.

A first information report (FIR) was registered against Zahir under Section 302  of the Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of the victim’s father.

According to details, Shaukat Mukadam stated that he had gone to Rawalpindi on July 19 to buy a goat for Eidul Azha, while his wife had gone out to pick up clothes from her tailor. When he returned home in the evening, the couple found their daughter Noor absent from their house in Islamabad. However her cell phone was turned off. Sometime later, Noor called her parents to inform them that she was travelling to Lahore with some friends and would return in a couple of days.

On Tuesday afternoon, Shaukat Mukadam said in his complaint, that he had received a call from Zahir, the son of Zakir Jaffer, whose family were the ex-diplomat’s acquaintances. Zahir told Mukadam that Noor was not with him.

At 10 pm the same day it was discovered through the Kohsar police, that Noor had been murdered. Her body was discovered in Zahir’s house in F7 where she had been brutally murdered with a sharp-edged weapon and beheaded.

Justice for Noor 

Meesha Shafi expressed her disgust with the situation:

Another day. Another woman brutally killed. Another hashtag. Another trauma. Another (likely) unsolved case. Another trigger. Another fear fest. Another rage roar. Another eid. ‘Protection of women’ bill oppose kernay walon ko mubarik. 

Asad Rahim Khan said:

On this savage murder:

* Mental illness is an established condition, not an improvised excuse.

*Re: dual nationals, the crime happened here, and is subject to Pakistan’s law.

* Powerful families play the long game – outrage must continue, and diyat laws reformed. 

Sociologist Nida Kirmani said:

Please don’t use the term ‘crime of passion’. It minimises the nature of the crime & makes it seem like ‘passion’ (particularly of a scorned man) is a valid reason to commit murder. Simply call it a ‘crime’ or ‘murder’. That is what it is. J

Jawad Ahmed, chairperson of Barabari Party Pakistan also spoke up:

#JusticeForNoor Noor was shot at & then beheaded by a man.Those who rejected Women Protection Bill,including shameless Imran Khan,are the culprits. When a misogynist PM says that rapes by non robotic men are a result of dresses women wear,these incidents are bound to increase. 

WAF condemns

The Khawateen Mahaz-e-Amal Islamabad (Women’s Action Forum – WAF) has expressed its deep shock and condemnation of the barbaric murder and beheading of a young woman in the heart of the Federal Capital.

WAF has also shown grave concern regarding the increasing incidents of violent crimes against women, with increasing impunity.

WAF has also demanded that the Government take all steps to ensure justice to the victim’s family and stringent measures be put in place to ensure that Zahir Jaffer, the murderer nominated in the FIR, is not allowed to leave the country, legally or illegally.

Pakistan’s criminal justice system must stop failing Pakistani women victims and survivors, said the press statement.


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