COVID Watch | 24th July 2020


Govt reveals preemptive strategies

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza took to Twitter to announce the constitution of a National Vaccine Taskforce to ensure “early, equitable and reliable access to” possible COVID-19 vaccine(s) expected to be developed by mid-2021. He also revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan is among the 140 world leaders signatory to a letter urging that any potential vaccine for the global viral disease should not be patented and that it should be made free for all.

As cases steadily decline after hitting their peak between June 15 to June 20, government officials are warning the public against complacency in adhering to health guidelines in anticipation of potential super-spreaders events Eid al-Azha and Muharram.

Fourth lowest rate of transmission

Public research university Imperial College London released a report, ranking Pakistan as the country with the fourth-lowest rate of transmission, behind Portugal, Germany and Nigeria, with a per capita COVID-19 transmission rate of 0.73. The research also lauded Pakistan’s efforts in reining in the spread of the virus as well as keeping virus-related deaths low.

SOPs flouted at NADRA offices

Visitors and personnel at NADRA offices in Karachi were found openly flouting health guidelines, according to the Express Tribune. Two-meter distance in queues not were not being enforced, and most offices were lacking sanitizer dispensers within office premises.