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Baloch Shuhada Forum: a counter-protest ‘out of nowhere’

Two camps were set up to seek justice for the Baloch people who have been killed and have gone missing. The difference is that one of the camps is of that which led a march from Balochistan to Islamabad and for several weeks sat outside in the cold, while the other camp popped out of nowhere and claimed that the first was foreign-funded. And while they have also shouted slogans for the state and the military, the BYC blames both for the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of their loved ones.

Zero arrests in target killings uprooting KP’s Sikh community

Assailed by target killings and denied justice, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Sikh community has little other recourse than to relocate to safer grounds. Those who remain must rely on each other for support and safety, as the state plays the role of a silent spectator to their plight.

Activists hold vigil on 9th anniversary of APS attack, demand justice

Dec 16, 2023 Staff Report ISLAMABAD Human rights defenders in Islamabad held a candlelight vigil as the nation observed the ninth anniversary of the Army Public School...

Religious minorities fleeing militants’ gunpoints in KP

Becoming a widow has not stopped Sumbul in pushing forth. She has used the tragedy to turn to strength by working hard to provide for her children. But it is hard to find this resilience as a growing number of families from the religious minorities are leaving KP to flee the militants there.

Pakistan’s Decision to Deport Afghan Immigrants Faces Strong Opposition

Pakistan's decision to deport all illegal immigrants sparks global concern. While officials cite alignment with international practices, global entities and human rights organizations condemn the move, urging protection for Afghan refugees and advocating for voluntary, safe repatriation.

‘Evidence of RAW involvement in Mastung attack not shared with Balochistan government’

Balochistan Home Minister Zubair Jamali admits only the federal government has evidence of RAW’s involvement in the Mastung bomb blast, and that it has yet to share it with the provincial government. Critics say that such accusations without proof portray Pakistan as powerless against external threats.

Terror Watch | 18th Sept 2023

Three grenades, pistol found with threatening letter composed by unknown outfit in Islamabad; two policemen gunned down in separate target killings in North Waziristan and Quetta.

Shift from Saraiki to Pashto marks shift in D.I. Khan’s culture and identity

D.I. Khan has seen a demographic shift over the past two decades, as Pashtuns from border regions turn further inland to escape terrorism. With Pashto speakers now slowly becoming the majority, Saraikis fear their language may be dying out.

Chitral Offensive: What happened and how?

The Afghan Taliban regime rejects Pakistan’s allegations of TTP militants using Afghan soil to launch an offensive in Chitral. Meanwhile, Afghan journalists allege that the Taliban administration may be supporting TTP activities in Pakistan.

Federal Minister demands reversal of FATA merger, revival of FCR

MNA and Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Turi demands the reversal of the FATA merger and the revival of FCR in tribal areas. He says that police and judiciary have failed the people of ex-FATA as over 3,000 people killed in land disputes alone since 2018.