Autopsy Confirms Torture and Suggests Sexual Assault in Khairpur Maid Case

A medical board investigating the case of a nine-year-old maid in Khairpur, Sindh, has confirmed that she was subjected to physical torture and has indicated the possibility of sexual assault.

The girl, employed as a domestic worker at a local mansion owned by influential figure Pir Asad Shah, was found dead under suspicious circumstances. The medical report revealed advanced decomposition with discoloration on her face and body. Injuries, including bruising on her forehead, chest, and arms, were deemed to have occurred before her death.

The medical board suggested the likelihood of vaginal and anal penetration. Police are detaining suspects, including a retired doctor, and collecting DNA samples from the mansion’s occupants. Another housemaid has come forward with claims of torture by the same suspects.


Sargodha Rape Case: Bail Rejected for Suspect as LHC Spotlights Unprosecuted Child Marriages

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has criticized the lack of action against child marriages and urged better cooperation between Punjab police, prosecutor general, and local government to enforce the law.

Justice Anwarul Haq Pannun rejected bail for Shahid Imran, accused of raping a schoolgirl in Sargodha. Pannun highlighted offenders using marriage contracts to evade punishment and emphasized the need to investigate victims’ ages.

The judge revoked the petitioner’s pre-arrest bail, urging improved coordination and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to combat child marriage and hold offenders accountable.


Man murders mother in Gujar Khan

On August 20, 2023, in Aara Qazian of Gujar Khan, a man murdered his mother while she was working in a field. The suspect, identified as Nazabat, surrendered to the police after committing the heinous crime.

He allegedly slit his mother’s throat with a sharp knife and then disfigured her face with acid. The police arrived at the scene, took custody of the woman’s body for a post-mortem examination, and registered a murder case against the perpetrator. Further investigations are underway.


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