COVID Watch | 12th June 2020


Children Become Virus ‘Victims’

1,712 children up to the age of 10 and 12,490 women have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Sindh, says Murtaza Wahab.

The government has made an appeal to the people to follow the SOPs and asked those with symptoms to self-isolate immediately.

Negligible Budget For Healthcare

Infant mortality rate (IMR) is 57.2 per 1,000 live births but only 1.1 percent of the GDP was allocated on healthcare in Pakistan: Economic Survey 2019-20.

Healthcare was already under threat in Pakistan due to population growth, focus on infrastructural development and climate change, says report.

Private Healthcare

80 percent of private healthcare providers have stopped working due to COVID-19 scare and non-cooperation of district administration: PMA

AC Faisalabad Ayub Bukhari visited Bashir Hospital on Bakkar Mandi Road and ñ it but the hospital staff denied any violation of SOPs.

Scarcity Of Resources

Oxygen cylinders, concentrators or monitoring devices meters are either unavailable or being sold at high prices while the ICUs are full in Karachi.

Punjab should have 2,700 ICU beds as required during the pandemic according to WHO recommendations but only has 1,021 beds: Healthcare department.