Youth Stories

Forced conversion, marriage of Hindu minor sparks concerns again

A 14-year-old Hindu girl, allegedly abducted by her tutor at gunpoint, was presented in court today. The accused claims she is 18 and converted to Islam to marry him of her free will, however her father's has evidence which proves otherwise.

CPWB rescues minor from exploitative employer

A 12-year-old girl who was subjected to psychological abuse and forced child labour by her employer in Daroghawala, Lahore, was rescued by the Child Protection Welfare Bureau on Wednesday.

Rights Watch | 2 June 2023

8-Year-Old Afghan Girl Raped in Broad Daylight in Islamabad An 8-year-old Afghan girl was raped by a street criminal in broad daylight in Islamabad. Despite...

Khairpur Rapist: Victims Changed Their Statements

BY XARI JALIL: Authorities are trying to file an appeal against Sarang Shar who was accused of raping and filming his minor students. It has also emerged that the victims also changed their statements in court which has aided in the transfer of the case out of the ATA to the D&S Court and eventually acquit him on lack of solid evidence.

Rights Watch | 17 April 2023

Diplo Town in Tharparkar Shuts Down Over Alleged Forced Conversion of Hindu Woman The Diplo town of Tharparkar shut down due to a strike over...

Rights Watch | 5 April 2023

Woman Set Ablaze by Husband in Sahiwal over Marriage Dispute A woman in Sahiwal was set on fire by her husband during an argument over...

Rights Watch | 30 March 2023

Two-year-old found dead in open manhole triggers protests in Bahawalnagar A missing two-year-old boy was found dead in an open manhole in Model Town, Bahawalnagar....

Rights Watch | 27 March 2023

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa set to have its first female Chief Justice as PHC judges retire Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is set to have its first female chief justice as two...

2022: At least 12 children were sexually abused daily, some under...

SAHIL released its annual Cruel Numbers report which continues to uncover disturbing statistics of child sexual abuse in the country.

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کیا شہری ہوا بازی کے وفاقی وزیر غلام سرور خان نے پی آئی اے پر خود کش حملہ کیا؟

Jul 05. 2020: کپٹین خالد تنویر ہیں جنہوں نے اپنی زندگی کے 25 بہترین سال پی آئی اے میں بطور پائلٹ کے گزارے تھے مگر اب انکا نام بھی مشکوک یا جعلی لایسنس رکھنے والے پائلٹس کی لسٹ میں آ گیا ہے جو وفاقی وزیر شہری ہوا بازی غلام سرور خان نے قومی اسمبلی میں پیش کی تھی ...

PALPA terms list about dubious licenses as ‘fake’

Jul 05. 2020: Khalid Tanwir is a retired commercial airline pilot who has given 25 precious years of his life to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA); he has the experience of thousands of flight hours. But on June 25, 2020, a bombshell ...

International Stories

Pakistan under scrutiny for reprisals against human rights defenders

The UN Human Rights Council issued a report documenting incidents of reprisals against human rights defenders worldwide. The report included threats and intimidation against the Center for Social Justice and Pashtun activist Fazal ur Rehman Afridi in Pakistan.

UN experts call for protection of sexual and reproductive rights in crises

Approaching World Contraception Day and International Safe Abortion Day, UN experts emphasize the urgent need to protect sexual and reproductive rights, especially in crises. They call for global commitment to access to contraceptives and safe abortion services.

Torkham closure forces stranded Afghans to survive off of charity

Afghan travelers and delivery drivers stranded in Pakistan for the past 8 days must now rely on the charity of locals to get by. A stalemate between Pakistan and Afghanistan casts uncertainty over when they will be allowed to return via Torkham.

Migrant Afghan musicians living without rhythm

After the Taliban imposed a countrywide ban on music, Afghan musicians went into self-imposed exile in Pakistan. With little opportunity to earn through their art, they live without rhythm in their struggle to survive.