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Activists, journalists, lawmakers slam PM’s remarks on women’s dresses

Women activists, journalists, lawmakers have reacted strongly to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks that ‘women wearing very few clothes’ are a temptation that leads to sexual crimes in society.


Activists, journalists, lawmakers slam PM’s remarks on women’s dresses

Women activists, journalists, lawmakers have reacted strongly to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks that ‘women wearing very few clothes’ are a temptation that leads to sexual crimes in society.

Murdered or Died? Usman Kakar’s death gives rise to rumours

July 22nd, 2021; By Hamid Riaz, Ahmed Saeed & Hassan Raza; LAHORE/QUETTA; Senator Usman Kakar's demise has given birth to several rumors. His son Khushal Kakar is adamant that his father was murdered while PkMAP leaders & members of parliament have called for a thorough investigation into Khushal's allegations

Report demands probe in journalists murder: involvement of MQM, Mirpurkhas police suspected

Press freedom watchdogs have called upon the authorities to explore the suspected involvement of Mirpurkhas police and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the 2007 murder of journalist Zubair Mujahid

مطالبات پورے نہ ہوۓ تو اقوام متحدہ تک جائیں گئے: گل عالم وزیر

جولائی ١٦ ٢٠٢١; تحریر: فرزانہ علی; پشاور; بنوں کے علاقے جانی خیل میں قبائلی رہنما ملک نصیب خان وزیر کے قتل کے خلاف دھرنا سترہ روز سے جاری ہے. قبائل سربراہ ڈاکٹر گل عالم وزیر کا کہنا ہے کہ انتظامیہ معاملے کے حل میں سنجیدہ نہیں اس لئے اب وہ اسلام آباد کی طرف مارچ کریں گے

A minor is raped, but Faisalabad’s police shows ‘criminal indifference’

June 15th, 2021; A 15-year-old Christian boy from Fsd was abducted & raped for 5 days. The family has accused Saddar police of delaying filing rape offences in the FIR.

Man seen thrashing wife in viral video arrested

June 14th, 2021; Staff Report; LAHORE; Usman Arshad, who was seen beating his wife in front of their minor children in a viral video, was arrested on Sunday. The woman's family claims Usman is using his influence to escape charges

Christian couple narrates how their 13-year-old daughter fell prey to forced conversion and marriage

A Christian couple in Gujranwala narrates the trauma of their 13-year-old daughter’s alleged forced conversion and marriage with a middle-aged married man already a father of five.

A right to education, without discrimination

April 27th, 2021; By Suneel Malik; LAHORE; "The matter of religious inclusivity in the SNC has been presented in public as a religious issue in order to create confusion and generate controversy, despite the fact that in actuality it deals with the curricula, and its provisions relating to basic human rights protected under the Constitution," writes Suneel Malik.

The TTP Timeline in Balochistan

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been flexing its muscles for a long time in Balochistan now. Historically speaking the TTP has always operated in the tribal areas in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) especially along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area.  But now, their presence in Balochistan has gained a strong foothold.

‘At least a million children on Punjab’s streets’

April 14th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; There are close to a million street children in cities across Punjab, says Sarah Ahmad, chairperson of the Punjab Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, announcing a renewed push against child beggary during Ramzan.

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I did not contest the elections to win, but to fight back, says Jugnu Moshin

July 16, 2021; By Hamid Riaz & Hassan Raza; LAHORE; Jugnu Mohsin discusses her journey as a politician, the recent attack on her, and her views on the gender divide in politics in an exclusive interview with

‘Will face court proceedings but won’t compromise on my stance’: Hamid Mir

June 4th, 2021; By Ahmed Saeed; LAHORE; Despite a sudden ban on him, Hamid Mir has ruled out stepping back from his stance demanding protection for journalists. He dispels that he insulted the army or its troops, and counters the allegations against him. Our exclusive interview with him.

“We will not give up”: Palestinian human rights lawyer Raji Sourani

May 19th, 2021; By Munizae Jahangir; LAHORE/GAZA; "The Israelis cannot ask to be good victims. We cannot compromise on our blood. We will keep fighting for our dignity," says Gaza resident & rights lawyer Raji Sourani in an exclusive interview with Munizae Jahangir.

Shafqat & Shagufta: Rotting away in prison

For one to be a Christian accused of blasphemy is sufficient grounds for the police, for judges, lawyers and society as a whole to abhor that individual, says senior advocate Saif ul-Malook of the seven-years-long blasphemy case of Shafqat Emmanuel and his wife Shagufta Kausar.

Prisoner of Conscience: Baba Jan visits AGHS

March 24th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz & Hassan Raza; LAHORE; Baba Jan visited the office of the late Asma Jahangir to offer his condolences and thank his allies for standing with him throughout the nine years he had spent incarcerated as a prisoner of conscience.

Farooq Maududi: What Pakistan Day actually means

March 23rd, 2021; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; On Pakistan Day, Farooq Maududi narrates an alternate history of the origins of civil-military relations and the tragedy of Partition


TLP to be mainstreamed despite ban, say top officials

May 2, 2021; By Munizae Jahangir; LAHORE; Pakistan’s top officials recently indicated that the state would like to ‘mainstream’ the religio-political party Tehreek-e-Labbaik, Pakistan (TLP). But it is still unclear if the ban will remain.

Rights Watch | 21st June 2021

A man in Lodhran has been arrested for the suspected murder of his wife and then dumping her charred remains into a canal. Apparently, he had dismembered the woman’s body and then burnt it in an oven. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 15th June 2021

Rights Watch | 14th June 2021

COVID Watch | 31st March 2021

28 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses manufactured by India under the WHO's COVAX programme have yet to leave the country due to India’s new export restrictions owing to a surge in national cases. For more stories on the pandemic situation, keep reading.

COVID Watch | 30th March 2021


COVID Watch | 11th February 2021

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