136 days of Chaman sit-in: Protesters demand reversal of new visa policy 

The protesters demonstrating in Chaman claim that no official has reached out to them for the last three months regarding their demand for a return to the previous system of 'Easement Right,' which permitted border crossings based on local identification.

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Families March for Missing Loved Ones: Long Journey from Turbat to Quetta Seeks Justice

Families of missing Baloch persons are marching a long distance from Turbat to Quetta. This march comes after a sit-in protest and aims to draw attention to the serious issues of enforced disappearances and the alleged killing of Balaach Mola Bakhsh.



COVID Watch | 31st March 2021

28 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses manufactured by India under the WHO's COVAX programme have yet to leave the country due to India’s new export restrictions owing to a surge in national cases. For more stories on the pandemic situation, keep reading.

COVID Watch | 30th March 2021

The NCOC revealed on Monday that 26 cities of Punjab, Peshawar and Azad Kashmir reported a case positivity rate of over 8%. Meanwhile 100 patients reportedly succumbed to the novel coronavirus disease. An overall positivity rate of 8.83% was recorded with 4,084 fresh infections. For more, keep reading.



When the ‘stateless’ become ‘illegal’

It is important for the state to stop its crackdowns against Afghan refugees immediately and to revisit its decision to forcefully deport Afghans. It is equally important for Pakistan to sign the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 protocol and to enact laws for the protection of refugees. Afghans deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and their fundamental rights need to be protected.

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Military Courts Only Strain Relationship Between Army and Civilians

Senior Lawyer and Military Law Expert Col (r) Inam ur Rahim said that the Supreme Court's verdict has permanently closed the door to civilian trials in military courts. He added that military courts only strain the relationship between the Army and civilians.

The Battle for Balochistan

Is the Pakistan Army ready for renewed negotiations with Baloch separatists? Rather than a military solution, is there a political solution to the crisis in Balochistan? These questions and more are the focus of Voicepk.net's special webshow on the Balochistan question.

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Scripting the Unseen

The caretaker Punjab govt is reconsidering an archaic 146-year-old law to exert control over Punjab's theatre houses. Through its rigid criteria, the act is paving way for yet another layer of repression in performing arts.

Workers' Right

Why are teachers protesting?

The teachers' strike against the privatization of schools across Punjab is still ongoing. The silence of the caretaker government is a cause of concern for government employees as well as poor families benefiting from public schools.

Interview: Trafficking in Persons Hero 2023 Zaheer Ahmed

What is the difference between human trafficking and smuggling? Are anti-trafficking laws working as intended?Join Voicepk.net for an exclusive interview with 2023 Trafficking in Persons Hero Zaheer Ahmed.

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Pakistan’s Migrant Crisis | Full conference

Voicepk.net, a project of AGHS Legal Aid Cell, with the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives organized a round table on January 25, which saw the participation of political representatives, lawyers, human rights activists, journalists and members of the Afghan refugee community.

‘Afghan refugees being used as political pawns’

PRESS RELEASE: If the Pakistani government doesn’t halt the deportations immediately, it will be denying thousands of at-risk Afghans, especially women and girls, access to safety, education and livelihood.

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Will Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar miss third court summon on Feb 28?

As IHC grants caretaker PM another chance to appear on February 28, Pakistan awaits to see if he'll heed the summons and address the matter of missing Baloch students

ARTICLE 62 (1)(f): Conflict with basic right to contest elections & vote candidate of choice

February 20, 2024 By Xari Jalil LAHORE Judges are not equipped to make moral judgments, stated Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa in...

PHC ban on media interviews with suspects in custody stirs debate over judicial process

The recent decision by the PHC to ban media interviews with suspects in custody has sparked discussions among legal experts and human rights activists, raising questions about the balance between freedom of speech and the integrity of legal proceedings

PHC orders protection for Afghan transgender refugees, directs government to cease harassment

PHC strongly urges the government to immediately cease any harassment directed towards transgender refugees. Amidst the perilous conditions in Afghanistan, 17 transgender individuals have sought sanctuary in Pakistan.

‘Meri Shadi Meri Marzi’: Iddat Verdict Condemned by Activists

Criticising the regressive decision of the Iddat case decision, participants of Aurat March demonstration in Islamabad unanimously asserted that women's testimony must be conclusive in family matters

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