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Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 26th January 2021

Rawalpindi couple convicted of abducting, raping and blackmailing a student with footage of her assault, accused gets death penalty while his wife gets life term. A young university student who was abandoned by her paramour at the emergency ward of a Lahore hospital died due to a botched abortion, police have arrested the suspect as well as his accomplice. Civil society organizations express serious concern over amendment to KP child protection law that will make public videos of executions of sex offenders.
Baldia women preyed upon by serial rapists

Serial rapists haunt the women living in these shanty huts

September 19, 2020. By Sher-e-Azam from Karachi. In one of the localities of Baldia Town, a disabled woman was gang raped by two men, and in the same household, tried to do the same with an elderly woman of 80 years.