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16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: The exploitation and murder of Trans Women

On Day 6 of our 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, we highlight the plea of trans women and the Khwaja sira community. 

Aurat March Lahore issues statement in support of transgender community

PRESS RELEASE: Aurat March Lahore, in no uncertain terms, stands with the trans community in their fight for rights, recognition and justice. The trans community is a part of the Aurat March community, we are brothers and sisters in arms – attacks against the community will not be tolerated and it is our duty as feminists as well as allies to speak up and defend the hard-won rights enshrined in the Constitution for every citizen."

Rights Watch | November 3rd 2021

A spiritual leader has been arrested in Ghaziabad, Lahore on charges of raping a woman. Watch our Rights Watch for more stories on human rights.

Khawajasira’s protest endemic “Beela” violence

“In the short term, our demands are very simple. We want all the culprits behind the September 19th attack arrested and brought to justice but in the long term, we want to establish Beela-Moorat violence as a concept in the imagination of Pakistan’s citizenry

Rights Watch | August 27th 2020

 Federal Education ministry will hold meeting with education ministers on September 7. The decision on reopening educational institutions in phases from Sept 15 will be announced after the meeting.

A church that transcends gender

Ghazala Shafique along with Nomi Basheer thought of giving the transgender Christians their very own place of worship where they could freely practice their faith. But they faced severe criticism over it.