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KP’s transgender community making new strides despite all odds

Sobia Khan made history five years ago as KP's first khwaja sira radio jockey. She and other rare khwaja siras like her, who had the opportunity to complete their education, are now leading the charge for demanding rights for the transgender community.

Rights Watch | September 16th 2021

A transgender was sexually assaulted by two men in the Pir Wadhai area.

Activists lament non-implementation of transgender law 3 years on

Activists lament non-implementation of the landmark Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act passed by parliament in 2018.

Transgender children to be covered under anti-rape law: Senate panel chief

The Senate has recommended amendments in the Anti-Rape bill to cover offences of rape against women, children & trans children
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | July 9th 2021

A man has been arrested for harassing and assaulting a woman in Multan after the video of the incident went viral on social media. The police took action after the viral CCTV video showed the man harassing a woman.

Rani Khan: From Dancer to Preacher

December 24th, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; Meet Rani Khan, a transgender who gave up dancing and begging to become a reformer. She runs a seminary in Islamabad and claims that many in her community want to quit begging and dancing, but they have no other means to earn their livelihood

At least 70 transgenders killed in last five years

Transgender Gul Panrra was killed on her way back from a Mehindi ceremony in the Pelosi area of Peshawar while her partner Chaahat was shifted to the Khyber Teaching Hospital in critical condition and is still undergoing treatment there.

Transgender worker brutally murdered in Phoolnagar

September 8th, 2020; By Amir Taqvi; PAKPATTAN; Thirty-year-old transwoman Amanullah aka Billu Pathani, a resident of Pakpattan, used to earn an honest living by working at a private factory in Saraye Cheena near Phoolnagar. But one night, between the 28th and 29th of August she was gruesomely attacked by “unknown assailants”. The culprits hit Amanullah on the head with a heavy object and then choked her to death.  

Rights Watch | August 27th 2020

 Federal Education ministry will hold meeting with education ministers on September 7. The decision on reopening educational institutions in phases from Sept 15 will be announced after the meeting.