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Transgender worker brutally murdered in Phoolnagar

September 8th, 2020; By Amir Taqvi; PAKPATTAN; Thirty-year-old transwoman Amanullah aka Billu Pathani, a resident of Pakpattan, used to earn an honest living by working at a private factory in Saraye Cheena near Phoolnagar. But one night, between the 28th and 29th of August she was gruesomely attacked by “unknown assailants”. The culprits hit Amanullah on the head with a heavy object and then choked her to death.  

Rights Watch | August 27th 2020

 Federal Education ministry will hold meeting with education ministers on September 7. The decision on reopening educational institutions in phases from Sept 15 will be announced after the meeting.

Trans rights activist Julie Khan locked up in Adiala

August 15th 2020                                            ...

A throwback to the slogans and posters of Aurat March

LAHORE: A week ago, on International Women's Day, thousands of women across Pakistan poured into the streets under the banner of Aurat March. Women,...