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Thousands of trucks stranded as visa policy curbs trade at Torkham crossing

Thousands of trucks are stranded at Torkham, the busiest frontier crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan, because of recently imposed visa restrictions on truck drivers, halting trade at the border. This has resulted in heavy financial losses.

Torkham closure forces stranded Afghans to survive off of charity

Afghan travelers and delivery drivers stranded in Pakistan for the past 8 days must now rely on the charity of locals to get by. A stalemate between Pakistan and Afghanistan casts uncertainty over when they will be allowed to return via Torkham.

Chitral Offensive: What happened and how?

The Afghan Taliban regime rejects Pakistan’s allegations of TTP militants using Afghan soil to launch an offensive in Chitral. Meanwhile, Afghan journalists allege that the Taliban administration may be supporting TTP activities in Pakistan.

Rights Watch | 13 March 2023

PTI MPA Arsalan Taj Ghumman Remanded on Physical Custody for Keamari Office Attack PTI MPA Arsalan Taj Ghumman has been remanded for two days in...

Rights Watch | 25 February 2023

Torkham Border Closure Leaves 7,000 Trucks Stranded with Perishable Goods   The Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry has reported that the Torkham border has...

Torkham to Kabul – Part 1

Aaj TV Peshawar bureau chief Farzana Ali recounts her journey from the Torkham border to the seat of power in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.