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No scholarships for Afghan refugee students

Forced to survive on the bare minimum, Afghan refugee youths cannot pay for higher education in Pakistan. Their only hope is govt scholarships, but there have been no schemes in the past 40 years

Rights Watch | 30th March 2021

One Sabir Ali, a villager residing in Goth Muhammad Amin in Nasirabad, Balochistan, hacked his daughter to death with an ax and injured her alleged boyfriend for 'honour' on Monday. Police managed to apprehend the accused in a raid. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 13th January 2021

Sindh IG issues directives to set up minority desks and constitute special teams to receive complaints of minority communities in police stations at range, zonal and district levels by next week. The directives are part of the IG's initiative to reform law enforcement.

Larkana QUEST: Where a degree is ‘just a piece of paper’

Jun 26, 2020: While students across the country protest the digital divide they are facing, in Larkana, a poor educational infrastructure at an engineering college that is delaying degree programs for almost two years for every batch ...