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Rights Watch | 18th February 2023

Peshawar High Court Grants Bail to Man Accused of Sexual Abuse Under Pretext of Marriage   A man accused of sexually abusing a woman under the...

Sindh police brutality resurfaces against protesting teachers

Police on Monday clamped down on teachers protesting for regularization in Karachi, with women protesters also being beaten and dragged into police wagons.

Baloch women speak out in aftermath of Sindh police brutality

BY XARI JALIL: The return of Karachi University students Doda Elahi and Gamshad Baloch on Tuesday, June 14, has spread a wave of relief across the protesting Baloch community.

Rapist alleged to be part of child porn racket

Jul 18, 2020: The father of a child who was molested and filmed by a private tutor in Khairpur has alleged that the perpetrator is actually part of an international child pornography racket. Speaking to Voicepk.net about the incident, the victim’s father ...
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Failed terrorist attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Jun 29, 2020: On Monday morning, citizens were shocked to find out that the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) located at the I. I Chundrigar road in Karachi, was attacked by four terrorists carrying heavy ammunition. Luckily the ...

Schoolgirls faced constant harassment since two years

Jun 25, 2020: Incidents of sexual abuse and the harassment of girls, even those who are underage, seems to be a serious issue. In one of Karachi's areas, Essa Nagri, one such case also arose when a some gangsters supported by a political ...
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Married Girl In Khairpur Accuses 3 Policemen Of Gang Rape And Abduction

Jun 7, 2020: A married girl from Sindh’s Khairpur district alleged that she was abducted and gang-raped by three police officials on the second day of Eid ul Fitar, 25 May. The woman named S* also alleged that she was set free by the abductors after five ...

Burnt Alive: In Cold Blood

Arifa cannot forget that horrendous day when she saw her own sister being burnt to death in front of her. It was a shocking incident, and it seems that she will never get over it – especially since she herself could also be in danger ...
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“How Can Anyone Be So Heartless?”

An Eighteen year old man Muhammad Siddique Bangali was arrested in Hyderabad for sexually assaulting and then burying alive an eight year old girl Rukhsar. The incident took place inside the Quaid park on the main Autobahn ...