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Afghan Taliban proposed relocating TTP away from Af-Pak border: Rana Sanaullah

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah says that Afghan Taliban has an intent to stop cross-border attacks by TTP but lacks capacity. The Afghan Taliban has proposed the relocation of TTP away from Pak-Afghan border areas.

Women on vanguard of Gwadar’s rights movement

On Monday, hundreds of women took to the streets in Gwadar to protest against illegal trawling and the existence of security check posts. They said their livelihood is being affected by bad policies of the government.
TLP protestors storm into Gujranwala as govt maintains a 'no-talk stance'

TLP protestors storm into Gujranwala as govt maintains a ‘no-talk stance’  

The federal government on Thursday reiterated that it won’t hold negotiations with the banned Tehrik Labaik Pakistan as thousands of its activists marched into Gujranwala city.

Rights Watch | 28th June 2021

Police on Sunday arrested the uncle of a four-year-old girl whose decomposing body was found stuffed in a gunny sack in some fields in Basti Azizabad, Khanewal district, a day before. Initial reports suggested the victim was raped before being murdered. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.

APS ATTACK: 6 years on, parents still await justice

“They are gone and can't come back," says one of the parents. "But we will strive till the end of our days to see that they get justice." Most of the parents of the children martyred during APS massacre have not reached any closure even after the passage of six years. The only times where they have an opportunity for empathy, is when they all collect to remember their lost children. It is only them who can understand the depth of the grief that consumes them.