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Empowering the daughters of Sanitation Workers

NOVEMBER 17: The Khushali program aims at breaking the cycle of societal challenges for the 30 Christian female students. The program aims to liberate them from the constraints imposed by the caste system.

Dire reality hits sanitary workers hard in festive times

Faisalabad’s sanitary workers have not been paid salaries for the last 2 months. With Christmas approaching many of the workers don’t have money to buy basic amnesties let alone celebrate.

Sanitary Workers Demand Safety Equipment From Govt.

Sanitary workers have stood at the forefront of the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, but due to a lack of safety equipment for the community, they are also possibly a high risk-group for the virus as they have been tasked with the removal ...
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On The Frontlines: Sanitary Workers

With the lockdown, people have been pushed back inside their homes. No one wants to risk being outdoors, for fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Yet the heroes who battle it out everyday, outside the comfort of their homes, outside the bounds of safety are none others than our heroes – doctors, sanitary workers, journalists, the police. All of them are risking their lives every day, only in order to protect the public from the deadly disease in the air. Voicepk.net pays tribute to these people, as everyday they are ON THE FRONTLINES.
Pakistan's "Sewper Heroes" - How Sanitation Workers are Fighting Back Against Prejudice

Pakistan’s “Sewper Heroes” – How sanitary workers fight back against prejudice

In Pakistan’s social and economic fabric, sanitation workers are in the worst of circumstances. They are not recognized as formal labour, and the pay scale is meagre – barely making ends meet – for a job that carries serious health concerns.