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‘UoT acting like a colonial master’: Students decry shutting down of bookstall

Turbat University students allege ban on opening bookstalls and holding poetry recitals. UoT admin however asserts that political activity on campus is not allowed.

Refugee children’s education threatened by deportation

Quetta's Qadirabad village is host to 40,000 Afghan refugees. Their children, who since 2009 have been studying in the village’s sole open-air volunteer school, now face uncertainty as the caretaker government pushes for deportation.

Terror Watch | 18th Sept 2023

Three grenades, pistol found with threatening letter composed by unknown outfit in Islamabad; two policemen gunned down in separate target killings in North Waziristan and Quetta.

Floods threaten to wipe devastated Hanna Urak off the map

Surviving for the past year without government support or rehabilitation, Hanna Urak’s residents fear that another flood this year will completely wipe out the valley.

Quetta’s women struggle to battle addiction sans rehab centers

Khalida*, a Quetta resident, has been battling a meth and heroin addiction for the past 3 years. Experts say that drug use among women is on the rise in Balochistan, but no rehab facilities are available for their treatment.

Medical teachers’ protest for upgrade in allowance enters 45th day

BMTA’s protest in Quetta has entered its 45th day. Teachers are demanding for the regularisation of Health Professional Allowance and an increased teaching allowance from a meagre Rs. 500 to Rs. 100,000, however the govt has yet to respond to these demands.

Rights Watch | 7 June 2023

Dolphin Force Personnel Accused of Assaulting Transgender Individual Lahore's Tibbi City police have filed a case against four Dolphin Force members for verbally abusing, physically...

Struggling for hope: The unseen misery of Quetta’s Shanti Nagar

The Hindu residents of Quetta's historic Shanti Nagar face extreme hardships; poverty, discrimination and inadequate housing, to list a few.

Families of missing persons fear their loved ones might be killed in encounters

Missing persons can be killed in encounters, fear families of victims of enforced disappearances. Noted activist Mama Qadeer says he still faces threats over organising protests for the victims of enforced disappearance in Balochistan.

Missing Person’s families carry out a 50-day sit-in protest in Quetta

Voicepk Editor-in-Chief Munizae Jahangir speaks to the grieved families of missing persons in Quetta and hears their concerns and demands.