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Baloch protestors supported by rallies and demonstrations across the world

Solidarity demonstrations for the Baloch protestors in Islamabad have been taking place throughout the world, including in US, UK and Canada. Some protests took place this week all demanding an end to enforced disappearances and an immediate recovery of all Baloch missing persons.

A day after his arrest, Manzoor Pashteen’s whereabouts remain unknown

The government alleges that Manzoor Pashteen had fired at the security forces at Chaman, while PTM members categorically deny this. Even though his appearance was promised in court, PTM members say Pashteen is at an unknown location, with his basic constitutional rights being denied to him. Meanwhile, civil society has condemned the situation.

WANA Unrest: Protests Against Militancy Enter 7th Day

Residents of the WANA region in Pakistan have been protesting for the past 7 days against the increased militancy and terrorist attacks in the area. The protests have resulted in the blockage of major roads and have been joined by political parties and groups such as ANP, NDM, and PTM

Fourth Protest Against Unrest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mohmand Tribal District

Various political parties protested against the growing unrest in Mohmand tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The protesters warned the government that the effects of ongoing unrest in the tribal areas would soon be seen in Lahore and Karachi as well.

Missing Person’s families carry out a 50-day sit-in protest in Quetta

Voicepk Editor-in-Chief Munizae Jahangir speaks to the grieved families of missing persons in Quetta and hears their concerns and demands.

Heckling Pakistani Politicians Abroad: Protestors Beware!

Laws are broken when heckling turns to harassment and verbal abuse turns to physical assault. In the latter cases, political protesters may find themselves facing serious sanctions.

Residents in Swat hold protests against Taliban resurgence

Residents and civil society representatives have held demonstrations in Kabal and Khaza Khela areas to voice their concern at a possible reemergence of Taliban militants in Swat.

Protest against N. Waziristan target killings enters fourth week

A district-wide protests by North Waziristan locals against growing incidents of target killings have entered their fourth week.

Incensed journalists march to Parliament House against Black Law

Media workers from across the country on Sunday marched to Parliament against the govt’s proposed PMDA. Journalists set up an overnight sit-in camp for Monday's protest during President Alvi's address to the parliament.

Shia families wont budge until their missing persons are recovered

“I do not know what state he is in,” a mother states. “I am not asking them to release my son. I jus want to know what crime he has committed. The courts are there to award punishments; at least bring him to court.”