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‘Pakistan has continuously failed to protect its journalists’

In August 2021, Pakistan passed journalist safety laws, but they haven't improved the situation. In two years, there were 248 violations, including 11 murders and 20 assassination attempts. Operationalizing safety commissions is essential, and Pakistan must act urgently to protect journalists.

Lawyers convention resolves to resist attacks on media and judiciary

The All Pakistan Lawyers Convention on Assault on Judiciary and Media was held on Thursday under the auspices of the SCBA in partnership with the PBC, the HRCP, the PFUJ, AGHS and SAFMA. The convention unanimously resolved to resist persistent attacks on the media and the judiciary by a hybrid authoritarian regime and its above-the-law perpetrators.

Salient features of the Sindh’s Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioner’s Act 2021

May 30th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; On May 28 the Sindh Assembly passed the protection of Journalists and other media practitioner’s Act 2021. Voicepk.net summarizes the salient features and the key protections offered under the ambit of the law.