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Rights Watch | 28 February 2023

Accomplice of minor`s rape suspect arrested   On Monday, the police apprehended an individual who was an accomplice of a suspect involved in the rape of...

Rights Watch | 4 February 2023

Man commits suicide over poverty A 60-year-old man committed suicide by shooting himself in the Kahna, Lahore.  The victim identified as Saqlain Shah, a resident of...

A sliver of sustenance to vulnerable communities in budget

Voicepk.net talks with economic experts Qais Aslam and Haris Gazdar to understand whether the federal budget provides protection to vulnerable communities in the country.

SUICIDAL SINDH: Why are so many from Scheduled Castes killing themselves?

BY XARI JALIL: The suicide rates in Sindh especially among the Scheduled Castes are at an alarmingly high rate. Our investigative report finds out the reasons why so many people in this community resort to killing themselves. The answers are grim.

Healthcare in a dismal state in Balochistan’s conflict-hit areas: study

January 31st, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; A study has found conflict-hit parts of Balochistan have dismal health coverage for women and children as former chief minister Dr Abdul Malik said provision of healthcare infrastructure remains a challenge for successive governments.

“Our children go to bed hungry”- Workers’ hold protest in Lahore

November 8th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; Hundreds of workers held a protest march against rising unemployment & inflation and worker's rights violations. The marchers demanded justice for Ashfaq Langriyal, a protesting farmer who died at the hands of the Lahore police, early this week.
Pakistan school dropouts

930,000 students may drop out of schools in Pakistan: WB report

An estimated 930,000 additional children are expected to drop out from primary and secondary schools in Pakistan as parents' incomes decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, warned a World Bank report on 'Learning losses in Pakistan due to COVID closures'.

In Naya Pakistan, human beings are forced to live in caves

September 26th, 2020; By Farzana Ali; RAJGAL VALLEY; Around 12,000 families from the Rajgal valley in Tirah have been living in caves for the past decade, displaced by the long and arduous war against militants. They are not recognized as IDPs & therefore do not benefit from govt’s aid program.

CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: No mercy for katchi abadi dwellers

September 25th, 2020; By Ayesha Mir; ISLAMABAD; ‘In the blink of an eye, a health crisis became an economic crisis, a food crisis, a housing crisis, a political crisis. Everything collided with everything else. In other words, we’ve been set back about 25 years in about 25 weeks.’

Under Lockdown: Qawwals who can sing no more

Aug 1, 2020: Traders and business communities have often taken to the streets protesting over the losses they have faced because of the lockdowns. But skilled artists such as the Khalid Hussain Qawal Group of Shahdra are left to fend for ...