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PHC ban on media interviews with suspects in custody stirs debate over judicial process

The recent decision by the PHC to ban media interviews with suspects in custody has sparked discussions among legal experts and human rights activists, raising questions about the balance between freedom of speech and the integrity of legal proceedings

Targeted attack on four khawaja siras in Peshawar sparks outcry for justice

Three days after a targeted attack on four khawaja siras in Peshawar, police have yet to trace the assailants. The trans community demands security and swift police response as violence against trans persons continues to surge across KP.

Zero arrests in target killings uprooting KP’s Sikh community

Assailed by target killings and denied justice, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Sikh community has little other recourse than to relocate to safer grounds. Those who remain must rely on each other for support and safety, as the state plays the role of a silent spectator to their plight.

Livelihoods of Afghan refugees erased in anti-encroachment drives

Around 200 Afghan pushcart vendors have been left in the lurch after an anti-encroachment drive in Board Bazar. Meanwhile, the district admin says they are considering plans for a model bazaar.

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Religious minorities fleeing militants’ gunpoints in KP

Becoming a widow has not stopped Sumbul in pushing forth. She has used the tragedy to turn to strength by working hard to provide for her children. But it is hard to find this resilience as a growing number of families from the religious minorities are leaving KP to flee the militants there.

Police promise departmental action over unmanned women desks in Peshawar

Peshawar police assure departmental action over nonfunctional women complaints desks in police stations. Locals, especially khwaja siras, say that despite promises to facilitate their needs, they are still struggling to register cases.

KP Bar Council calls for Judicial Commission meeting ahead of PHC judges’ retirement

KP Bar Council has demanded early convening of the Judicial Commission to consider the elevation of PHC senior-most judges to the Supreme Court ahead of their retirement as it mounts a protest campaign against the non-elevation of judges from the province.

A pair of slippers helps nab ‘serial child rapist’ in Peshawar

A pair of slippers have ended up helping to arrest a rapist-killer of three minor girls in the Peshawar area. Police arrested 20-year-old Sohail in connection with the rapes of three minor girls, with two of them being murdered. The crimes have ended up spreading fear and panic in the area.