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Consensus definition of fake news ‘soon’

The media Joint Action Committee will soon submit a consensus definition of fake news to the federal government, Nasir Zaidi, secretary-general of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), told Voicepk.net on Monday.

Govt to hold talks with media over PECA Ordinance, IHC told

The government has decided to consult all stakeholders including media associations over the PECA Ordinance, the AG told IHC on Thursday.

PECA Ordinance: IHC bars FIA from making arrests as minister calls for rollback

February 23rd, 2022  By Rehan Piracha  LAHORE The Islamabad High Court on Wednesday barred Federal Investigation Agency from making arrests under Section 20 of the Pakistan Electronic...

EXPLAINER: PECA Amendment Ordinance an attempt to curb dissent or fake news

A presidential ordinance has increased the punishment of online defamation to five years while setting a six-month timeframe for concluding trials. The federal law minister claimed the amendments in cybercrime law were made to curb ‘fake news’ while the opposition, journalists and digital rights activists termed it an attempt to gag dissent.

IHC hears petition seeking ban on Netflix

January 6th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; In a petition filed before the IHC petitioner, Tariq Asad asserts that if Netflix fails to remove the 'sacrilegious' movie the website should be banned in the country altogether- much like the Youtube Ban of 2012.