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Parliamentarians clash over MNA Hina Rabbani Khar representing Pakistan in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

Female parliamentarians across the board rallied in support of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar after a disgruntled MNA criticized the government for sending a woman to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

Indian delegation arrives in Pakistan for the Asma Jahangir Conference

Asma Jahangir's legacy continues to unite the two nations even after her death.

MILNE DOU: 75 years and activists still fight for Pak-India people to people contact

By Rehan Piracha/Xari Jalil: "It is our governments that have to decide whether they want to keep it the way it is, or if they want a border with free people-to-people movement."

7000 Pakistani students await charter flight to China

Over 7,000 Pakistanis enrolled in Chinese universities have been trapped in a whirlpool of hope and despair for over two years. They are studying online because Beijing has barred the return of foreign students due to a COVID travel ban.

Combating Climate Change: The Time to Act is Now

Combating climate change cannot happen in a day. But the time to start is now. Otherwise, it will just be too late.

White Stripes in a Green World

This August 14, two members of the Christian community open up about issues they feel strongly about.

National Minorities’ Day: An ongoing struggle for equality

National Minority Day was celebrated on August 10

Pak, Afghan battle for cyber supremacy

The battle between the Afghan Taliban and Afghan security forces for control of territory in the war-ravaged country is also being fought on the ground of cyberspace

‘Pakistan Government must be transparent concerning Taliban narrative’: JAC

In a meeting held at the HRCP rights activists came together to discuss the rise of the Afghan Taliban

Pakistan on UN list for discriminating against Ahmadi community

UN experts have expressed their deep concern over the lack of attention to rights violations perpetrated against Ahmadiyyas.