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Celebrated playwright and educator Shoaib Hashmi passes away

Veteran playwright and educator Shoaib Hashmi passed away today after a prolonged illness, with an outpouring of grief from thinkers and writers across Pakistan.

Malik Abdul Qayyum: An Unsung Pro-women Judge

Former judge of the Lahore High Court Malik Mohammad Qayyum, who passed away on Friday in Lahore, authored many significant judgments relating to women's rights in the country.

A Tribute to a Fearless Leader: Social Media Remembers Asma Jahangir

11 February 2023 By Hamza Saeed LAHORE Today marks the 5th anniversary of the demise of one of the most iconic human rights advocates, Asma Jahangir, who...

گلگت بلتستان کی موسیقی کا دمکتا ستارہ

مرحوم نوجوان موسیقار ضیاء الکریم گلگت بلتستان کی میوزک اور موسیقی کو دنیا سے روشناس کرانے میں اہم کردار ادا کیا_وہ ان چنندیدہ لوگوں میں سے تھے جو کم عمری میں ہی اتنا کچھ کر گزرتے ہیں کہ آئندہ نسلیں ہمیشہ انہیں یاد رکھتی ہیں

A vacuum that cant be filled

“But even while she was gasping for breath in the hospital, she messaged me and her last message was her concern for the Afghan women,", explains Rubina Saigol's niece.

Noted columnist Irfan Husain passes away in England

December 16th, 2020; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; Friends and admirers pay tribute to noted columnist Irfan Hussain who passed away in England on Wednesday.