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Nawaz’s misogynistic digs at rival party women workers draws sharp criticism

October 23, 2023 By Maryam Missal  LAHORE Women rights activists and female journalists among many others have strongly condemned the derogatory remarks made by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz...
Anti rape legislation - barriers to implementation

UNCENSORED | Anti-Rape Legislation – Barriers to Implementation

Speaking on the lack of implementation of rape laws, panelists at the Asma Jahangir Conference 2021 – Challenges to Human Dignity held that there is a need to recontextualize rape as an exercise in power rather than simply a sexual crime, and called for removal of hurdles to implementation of existing anti-rape laws.
Women's character irrelevant in rape trials

Survivor’s character irrelevant in rape trial

Under the Anti-Rape Bill 2020, a woman's "character" will not be relevant while investigating rape. But is this something new that the bill introduces and how practical is it to ensure this?
Child marriages in Pakistan - Voicepk.net

Child Marriages: Judicial discretion or matter of legislation?

Jun 21, 2020: In Pakistan, the definition of a child differs, across multiple laws in each of the four provinces. Under labour laws, a child is an individual below the age of 14 years, while under domestic labour laws, the age cap is 15 ...
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The laws that failed Zohra Shah

Jun 17, 2020: While a number of laws for children's rights regarding labour are present in Pakistan, there is still the huge question of implementation. Thousands of children are currently employed inside households and become 'invisible labourers' ...