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“We Sunnis, Shias and Ahmadis live together in harmony”

In Sheikhupura, Shia and Sunni communities jointly called on police to safeguard Ahmadiyya worship sites, resisting their destruction. On the other hand, an Ahmadiyya worship place on Karachi's Martin Road faced another attack on Thursday.

“He said ‘Labaik Ya Rasool Allah’ and shot me”

On Sunday, Pastor Eleazar Sidhu was shot at after refusing to recite Islamic verses as instructed by an unidentified man. An FIR for the case has been filed under Sections 34 and 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) in Faisalabad.

Wave of Mob Violence in Jaranwala Sparks Global and National Outrage

Defenders of human rights on a national and international level have spoken out against the arson event that took place in Jawaranwala, Faisalabad, on Wednesday.

In the Shadow of the Blasphemy Law

Pakistan's blasphemy laws cast a dark shadow on religious minorities, fostering fear, discrimination, and violence. Recent amendments fuel concerns, as misuse and ambiguity persist, threatening justice and coexistence.

Ahmadiyya place of worship forcibly sealed in Sanghar

An Ahmadiyya place of worship was sealed by police in Sanghar at the insistence of an enraged mob. Meanwhile, gravestones at an Ahmadiyya cemetery were also destroyed in Kotli and Sheikhupura.

Rights Watch | 3 July 2023

Christian Mother of Three Brutally Murdered in Lahore Allegedly, in Mir Town, Lahore, a Christian mother of three and a LUMS University employee was brutally...

UN Rapporteurs highlight hate crimes against Ahmadis

Concerns over rising atrocities, violence, and discrimination against Ahmadi religious minority in Pakistan highlighted by 4 UN special rapporteurs. Hate speech, attacks on places of worship, and lack of effective protection emphasized.

Rights Watch | 4 April 2023

Elderly Woman Shot Dead by Husband in Islamabad Suburbs A woman in her late fifties was killed by her spouse while she was sleeping in...

A former general lays claim to Buddhist stupa

A former general-turned-developer's protracted land litigation with the district administration has blocked access to an ancient Buddhist site in Taxila for over a decade. The former general denied allegations of encroachment.

Rights Watch | 22 March 2023

Jacobabad gang-rape victim dies after two-month struggle A gang-rape victim, who had been undergoing treatment since Jan 15, when she and her mother-in-law were sexually...