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Rights Watch

Rights Watch | July 1st 2021

Police have arrested a cleric on charges of raping a nine-year-old girl in Pattoki tehsil of Kasur.

Suspects held for gang-raping, filming teen in front of minor sister

July 23, 2021; By Zeenat Shehzadi; FAISALABAD; A 15-year-old girl has been gang-raped and filmed in front of her minor sister in Toba Tek Singh. Suspects held for gang-raping, filming teen in front of minor sister.

Abducted 14-year old returns home four months pregnant.

April 26th, 2021; By Zeenat Shehzadi; FAISALABAD; A 14-year old girl of Jaranwala was kidnapped in December 2020, and raped. The girl was later recovered by the police, but was found to be four-months pregnant by then.

Man locked toddler stepson in freezer before raping and killing stepdaughter

March 31st, 2021; By Zeenat Shehzadi; FAISALABAD; According to the victim's mother, her husband had beaten & locked his toddler stepson in a freezer earlier that same day he raped & murdered his 5-year-old stepdaughter. The man is currently in police remand.

Family of raped and murdered minor boy decries police negligence

March 16th, 2021; By Pervaiz Khan; SUKKUR; Afaq Wagho, a seventh-grader from Panu Akil was gang-raped and strangulated to death by people who prayed in the same mosque as him. Afaq’s body was found lying on the mosque’s roof.

Broken Hearts and Broken Hopes

February 24th, 2021; By Baseer Qalandar; NOWSHEHRA; Like Kasur’s Zainab, Khuzdar’s Amir Hamza, and Karachi’s Mawra, 8-yr-old Minahil from Nowshera too was raped and murdered. She is just one name out of the thousands of little children who have met gruesome deaths by their abusers.

Freed finally, but a little too late

February 17th,2021; By Ahmed Saeed & Shahrazad Agha; FAISALABAD; Farah Shaheen was returned to her parents after 6 months of repeated rape by abductors. But even as she returns, can this undo the fact that she was raped under the guise of religion?

For rape survivors, justice is expensive and nonexistent

February 15th, 2021; By Ahmed Saeed & Shahrazad Agha; FAISALABAD; Shazia*, 16 years & Sania*, just 12 years old, were both abducted & repeatedly raped but despite fighting hard for justice early on, the family has now become disillusioned.

Family of slain minor domestic worker refuses to compromise on seeking justice

February 8th, 2021; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; The family of 12-year-old Misbah, who was tortured to death by her employer in the latter’s residence in Lahore’s Iqbal Town some weeks back, have expressed their satisfaction with the investigation and police cooperation in attaining justice for the slain girl. Misbah’s case is one among a rare few where the aggrieved kin of minors brutalized by their employers pursue legal recourse rather than accept a settlement or compensation. According to the FIR, Misbah’s father Nasrullah, a labourer and resident of Sheikhupura, had sent his daughter to work in Ms. Saira Bano’s home in Nargis Block, Iqbal Town some two months back. During the period, he and his family tried contacting the girl however her employer would often cut the call with an excuse.