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A pair of slippers helps nab ‘serial child rapist’ in Peshawar

A pair of slippers have ended up helping to arrest a rapist-killer of three minor girls in the Peshawar area. Police arrested 20-year-old Sohail in connection with the rapes of three minor girls, with two of them being murdered. The crimes have ended up spreading fear and panic in the area.

پیسے سے بیٹیوں کی عزت واپس نہیں آ سکتی: گینگ ریپ کا شکار دو...

تحریر: احمد سعید; فیصل آباد; ایک ہفتے تک مبینہ طور پر جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی فیصل آباد کی دو کم عمر بہنیں پولیس کے عدم تعاون کے باوجود انصاف حاصل کر نے کے لئے پر عزم .

Our daughters’ honor cannot be bought” – two teens fight uphill battle against their...

November 1st, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; FAISALABAD; Sisters Shazia* & Sania* were drugged, tortured & gang-raped for a week. Police claim the girls, one of whom is a minor, are to blame for what happened to them.