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PBC calls for restraint in military trials of civilians

Reiterating its stance that civilians should not be tried in military courts, the PBC has called on the authorities to exercise extraordinary care and restraint in the military trials of May 9 rioters.

Where else in the world can civilians be tried in military courts?

Trying civilians in military courts is considered illegal by international human rights organizations. However, the process continues in countries with a history of military rule or where military regimes exist.

KP prison authorities deny right of appeal to military courts death-row convicts: Counsel

The prison authorities in KP have declined to send appeals of five death-row prisoners convicted by military courts to the Supreme Court and their execution is likely to go ahead without them exercising their right of appeal, lawyer-activist Shabbir Hussain Gigyani has told Voicepk.net.

‘You can’t deny a Pakistani rights given even to outsiders, Khattak counsel

“It is against the constitution to deprive your own citizens of rights which you have awarded to foreign nationals accused of the same crime.”

Citizens should get right of appeal in military courts: senate panel

Senators have called upon the Govt to give citizens the right to appeal in military courts, much like Kulbhushan was given one.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch (12th March 2020)