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Govt, Clerics At Odds Over Resuming Congregational Prayers

Although the federal government has extended the lockdown to April 30 across the country, certain restrictions have been eased to allow traders, businesses, and manufacturers to resume operations. However, the government has maintained the ...
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A Step Towards Equality: IHC Orders To Restore 3G/4G Services In Former FATA

The Islamabad High court (IHC) on Tuesday, April 14, ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to restore 3G/4G internet services in erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The court issued the directive while ...

Sanitary Workers Demand Safety Equipment From Govt.

Sanitary workers have stood at the forefront of the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, but due to a lack of safety equipment for the community, they are also possibly a high risk-group for the virus as they have been tasked with the removal ...
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کورونا وائرس: سپریم کورٹ وفاقی حکومت پر برہم، ظفر مرزا کے خلاف سخت ریمارکس

سپریم کورٹ نے کورونا وائرس کی  روک تھام کے سلسلے میں اٹھاے گئے  اقدامات پر لئے گئے  ز خود نوٹس کی سماعت کے دوران حکومتی کار گردگی پر بہت سے اعتراضات اور سوالات اٹھا دیے. چیف جسٹس گلزار احمد کی سربراہی میں پانچ رکنی بینچ نے وزیر اعظم کے معاون ...
Ehsaas Program

PM’s Ehsas Programme: Problem Or A Solution?

The PM’s Ehsas Programme has come about with gusto, yet those who are at the collection points tell of extremely bad management, and lack of safety measures which they must face. Is the misery of those in need, actually being alleviated or ...

For Waziristani students a bleak and dismal future

Students from South-Waziristan are raising their voices over what they say is a blow to their academic futures thanks to the lack of quality internet in their region. Earlier on April 2, the students staged protests outside the Wana Press ...
COVID-19 outbreak

Quetta residents resist lockdown amidst COVID-19 outbreak

In Balochistan, according to the Ministry of Health, the emergence of 21 new cases in the past 48 hours has raised the province’s tally...