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Rights Watch | 11 Oct 2023

PHC Acquits Man in Honor Killing Case, Overturning Life Sentence Peshawar High Court has acquitted a man who had been convicted in a case related...

Rights Watch | 31 March 2023

Father and Husband Kill Young Wife in the Name of Honour A young wife was killed by her husband and father-in-law in the name of...

Rights Watch | 9 March 2023

Hindu Girl Who Converted to Islam Allowed to Go with Father, Karachi Court Rules A Karachi court has given custody of a Hindu girl who...

Convict in Goraya-murder plot gets life; more probe to reach his handler

A British Pakistani-origin man has been jailed for life for plotting to assassinate Pakistani blogger Ahmed Waqas Goraya as police continue their investigations into establishing the identity and whereabouts of his handler.