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Torkham closure forces stranded Afghans to survive off of charity

Afghan travelers and delivery drivers stranded in Pakistan for the past 8 days must now rely on the charity of locals to get by. A stalemate between Pakistan and Afghanistan casts uncertainty over when they will be allowed to return via Torkham.

“Music is life” – Khyber musicians denounce ulema’s ban on music at weddings

Local musicians express their strong disapproval of a blanket ban on music by Khyber ulema, stating that folk music has strong cultural and literary roots and is integral to the identity of the locals.

Woman stabbed dead in Landi Kotal, husband arrested in raid

Rizwana Shaheen, the acting-Sub Division Education Officer (SDEO) in Landi Kotal, was stabbed dead while her husband, Najeebullah, fled with their children to his home town. Police are currently investigating the motive for the murder.