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Hunger, not Coronavirus will kill us: say slum dwellers

Jul 06, 2020: The health services of the capital announced contact-tracing and testing for the coronavirus in the abandoned slums of Islamabad under the Trace, Test and Quarantine (TTQ) policy on 29th of June but for slum dwellers, the novel ...
Pakistan's "Sewper Heroes" - How Sanitation Workers are Fighting Back Against Prejudice

Pakistan’s “Sewper Heroes” – How sanitary workers fight back against prejudice

In Pakistan’s social and economic fabric, sanitation workers are in the worst of circumstances. They are not recognized as formal labour, and the pay scale is meagre – barely making ends meet – for a job that carries serious health concerns.
Bonded labour in Pakistan

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Bonded Labour in Pakistan

The grind is the same during the summer months. Calluses and scars have marked the workers’ bodies, but there is no stopping. At least a thousand bricks a day must be made or the quota will not be met.