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Terror Watch | 19 Sep 2023

Policeman Martyred in Dera Ismail Khan Attack A police officer was killed in an attack in Dera Ismail Khan when unidentified assailants fired upon him...

Torkham to Kabul – Part 3

I met many people during my stay. And while it was important for me to get some bearing on the opinions and sentiments of working women, I began considering the views of stay-at-home women. It turned out to be an eye-opening venture...

Torkham to Kabul Part 2

Some men had barged into homes & had ‘dishonoured’ the women who lived there

Torkham to Kabul – Part 1

Aaj TV Peshawar bureau chief Farzana Ali recounts her journey from the Torkham border to the seat of power in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.