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Zero arrests in target killings uprooting KP’s Sikh community

Assailed by target killings and denied justice, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Sikh community has little other recourse than to relocate to safer grounds. Those who remain must rely on each other for support and safety, as the state plays the role of a silent spectator to their plight.

Religious minorities fleeing militants’ gunpoints in KP

Becoming a widow has not stopped Sumbul in pushing forth. She has used the tragedy to turn to strength by working hard to provide for her children. But it is hard to find this resilience as a growing number of families from the religious minorities are leaving KP to flee the militants there.

63 dead, one struggling to survive following Peshawar terror attack

63 people were killed in last week’s terror attack on a Peshawar imambargah, orchestrated by IS-Khorasan. Meanwhile, CTD claims to have killed three IS-Khorasan militants in an encounter.