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Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 8th February 2021

Ahmedpur East police launch search operation for three men, including a police constable, for kidnapping and raping two sisters in illegal captivity over the course of several days. A resident of Leerwani village in district Jacobabad gunned down his niece and her alleged paramour for 'honour'. 15,000 IDPs and their families stage protest after being deprived of government rations for the past three months.

In Naya Pakistan, human beings are forced to live in caves

September 26th, 2020; By Farzana Ali; RAJGAL VALLEY; Around 12,000 families from the Rajgal valley in Tirah have been living in caves for the past decade, displaced by the long and arduous war against militants. They are not recognized as IDPs & therefore do not benefit from govt’s aid program.

کیا کہانی ایک بار پھر وہیں سے شروع ہونے والی ہے جہاں ختم ہوئی...

٢٠ ستمبر ٢٠٢٠ تحریر فرزانا علی پشاور  کچھ عرصہ سے جنوبی وزیرستان سے آنے والی خبریں ایک بار پھرمعاملات کی سنگینی کا احساس دلاتی نظر آتی ہیں...

Teera IDPs demand to be allowed to return back home

September 8th, 2020; Peshawar Bureau; JAMRUD: IDPs of Teera Koki Khel, KP have been protesting outside the Khyber Pass for 2 months now. Protestors say that they left their homes in accordance with the army's orders, 10 years ago. They have not been allowed to return since.