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‘They just don’t want free & fair elections’

The Altaf Hussain led MQM has backed 81 candidates in total. Yet 20 have gone missing as they have been detained by police & other law enforcement agencies. Others have been arrested on trumped up charges. But the fight is on, even if the candidates are missing, or it must be done without being allowed to campaign. It all brings attention to the violation of their basic constitutional rights.

Rights Watch | 14 April 2023

President upholds dismissal of ZTBL Assistant Vice President for sexual harassment President Alvi confirmed the dismissal of a male Assistant Vice President of Zarai Taraqiati...

Rights Watch | 14 March 2023

Punjab Launches Health Screening for 55,000 Prisoners Across 43 Jails to Combat Communicable Diseases Punjab begins health screening of prisoners for communicable diseases, with the...
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In Hyderabad, hospitals reach full capacity

Jun 21, 2020: Hospitals in Hyderabad, Sindh, allocated especially for COVID-19 patients have almost reached their full capacity, aside from only two unoccupied ventilators. According to health department officials, so far a total of 11,833 tests ...
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“How Can Anyone Be So Heartless?”

An Eighteen year old man Muhammad Siddique Bangali was arrested in Hyderabad for sexually assaulting and then burying alive an eight year old girl Rukhsar. The incident took place inside the Quaid park on the main Autobahn ...