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IMF Policies Under Scrutiny for Undermining Rights and Social Spending

A recent report by HRW highlights concerns over IMF's policies allegedly undermining human rights & inadequately addressing social spending during COVID19.

HRW calls for restraint against protesters, restoring internet

Human Rights Watch has called on the Pakistani authorities to exercise restraint in crackdown against PTI supporters and to restore access to internet.

In Pakistan’s Overcrowded Prisons, Inmates Deprived of Healthcare: Human Rights Watch Report

  By Rehan Piracha & Xari Jalil LAHORE Outdated and discriminatory bail laws from the Colonial era, and rampant neglect by the state authorities in Pakistan have...
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 14th January 2022

In the trial regarding the attempted assassination of exiled blogger Ahmed Waqass Goraya in the Netherlands, which commenced in a UK court on Thursday, it was claimed that defendant Gohir Khan accepted £100,000 for the murder on the behest of persons based in Pakistan..