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Hundreds of women protesters took to the streets of Gwadar to press for the...

Hundreds of burqa-clad women marched in Gwadar demanding the release of Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman, Haq Do Tehreek chief. Led by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed, they chanted against the governments and called for ending enforced disappearances. Rehman's bail has been granted in 18/19 cases, but he remains in custody.

Haq Do Tehreek sweeps LG polls in Gwadar

After a historical protest for the rights of the people of Gwadar late last year, the Haq Do Movement continues to make waves by clinching the most seats in Gwadar local polls

Women on vanguard of Gwadar’s rights movement

On Monday, hundreds of women took to the streets in Gwadar to protest against illegal trawling and the existence of security check posts. They said their livelihood is being affected by bad policies of the government.