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"Need for radical change in governance" - Reimagining Pakistan

“Need for radical change in governance”

Lamenting that governments of the past 30 years have failed to resolve Pakistan's myriad social, political and economic troubles, speakers at Reimagining Pakistan called for radical changes to Pakistan's system of governance.

Govt, opposition must resolve crisis through parliament: HRCP

The opposition and the government must hold serious and meaningful dialogue in Parliament to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the interest of the people, concluded HRCP in its meeting. It forewarned politicians against looking towards the military for any mediation

HRCP conference calls for constitutional amendment to protect local governments

A national conference held by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in partnership with the Friedrich Naumman Foundation for Freedom (FNF), has called for a constitutional amendment to protect the form and tenure of local governments and to ensure that fiscal decentralisation enables local bodies to carry out their functions effectively.
Negligence, apathy mar official response to Dadu incident

DADU INFERNO: Negligence, apathy marred government response

In addition to the lack of emergency response to the Dadu fire incident, the theft of relief supplies by police personnel indicates not only criminal negligence but also apathy for the villagers who survived the fire