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The Mirabal sisters, also known as "Las Mariposas" or "The Butterflies"

16 Days of Activism against GBV: History and Significance

During 16 days of Activism, communities around the world band together to raise awareness of gender-based violence, and call to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls. 

‘Security lapses led to two gender-based murders within Karachi courts’

Karachi’s legal fraternity has expressed concerns regarding security arrangements at courts, especially with regards to women’s cases, in light of two gender-based killings since the start of 2023.

Father withdraws rape case, as ML report shows no sign of girl’s rape

After a girl was found unconscious in Kahna after being allegedly raped, it has emerged that the medical exam did not indicate signs of sexual assault. Moreover, the girl's father has withdrawn the case, stating that she suffered from fits.

Violence against Transgenders: Noori’s Tragic Account

AGHS Legal Aid Cell offers free legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault.

Don’t be silent! If you are a victim of domestic violence, seek help to...

Domestic Violence is a punishable crime.  AGHS Legal Aid Cell Helpline No: 0300-8427079 Art Work: Sabir Nazar Written by: Xari Jalil Project supported by the Embassy of the...

Another minor girl falls prey to honour killing in Jhang

In another honour killing in Jhang, police and rescue officials have retrieved the body of a 13-year-old girl dumped in an abandoned water well. The girl's father, brother, and cousin have been arrested in connection with her murder.

Rights Watch | 3 January 2023

Disabled Woman Burned Alive and Shot in Targeted Killing in Farid Ganj A disabled woman was killed in Farid Ganj on Sunday night. According to...

Rights Watch | 2 January 2023

6 lakh Dalits held in bonded labour in Sindh Mirpurkhas: Approximately 600,000 Dalits in Sindh are suffering forced labor by landowners, according to the Scheduled...

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence is a Crime! Report and #StopRape

AGHS Legal Aid Cell offers free legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault.

AGHS Legal Aid Cell and Sabir Nazar collaborate for campaign against Sexual and Gender-Based...

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a violation of human rights and a criminal offense!