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Rights Watch | 10 October 2022

Sindh High Court takes notice of gang rape MITHI: Sindh High Court Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh has taken notice of a gang-rape of a...

پیسے سے بیٹیوں کی عزت واپس نہیں آ سکتی: گینگ ریپ کا شکار دو...

تحریر: احمد سعید; فیصل آباد; ایک ہفتے تک مبینہ طور پر جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی فیصل آباد کی دو کم عمر بہنیں پولیس کے عدم تعاون کے باوجود انصاف حاصل کر نے کے لئے پر عزم .

Twists emerge in Rawalpindi rape case

September 22nd, 2020; By Ayesha Mir; RAWALPINDI; A 17-year-old girl and resident of Rawalpindi who was stripped naked, sexually assaulted, and filmed during the assault have suddenly withdrawn her statement in which she had accused three drunken men of gang-raping her at knife-point and posting the video online. Whereas she had previously named and accused all three men in front of the magistrate, her latest statement before the Additional District and Sessions Judge reads: “I have no dispute with these men. The video was made viral by unknown people.